Element Memory Match Game

Find each element's matching pair, but watch out, some elements react with others which may rearrange the board or create acids!

How to Play

Click two cards to try and find a match. Find all the matches to win the game!

Match: curium curium OR chlorine chlorine etc ...

Events that may occur during the game

hydrogen + chlrorine: Hydrochloric Acid! The acid burns right through you! Lose one life!

curium + curium: Radioactive! You have 5 seconds to find Curium's match or the entire board shuffles

hydrogen + oxygen: Hydrogen Perioxide! H2O2 The board rearranges so hydrogen and oxygen are the top 4 cards in the corner, in order H H O O

gold + gold: Adds to your gold pile. You can spend gold to stop Curium from shuffling the board!

carbon + carbon: Adds to your diamond pile. You can spend 1 diamond to earn back a life!

sodium OR calcium + chlorine: Salt! You can spend salt to feed the cow and watch what happens.

hydrogen + carbpn: Methane! Watch the cow...

neon + neon: The cow looks different now...